Stephen West

Hello everyone. I’m Stephen West. I am from Seattle, WA. From the emails I get it seems like the thing most people want to know is:

Q. Are you a 55 year old philosophy professor with a prosthetic hip that does this show as a labor of love?

A. No. I am 28.

Q. Then why do you look 13 years old?

A. Horrible Genetics.

Q. Was that hard in High School?

A. Yes.

Q. Has years of people pointing at you, chanting things that make fun of your aesthetic condition caused you to have a terrible inferiority complex that you desperately try to undo by chasing the admiration of people via a philosophy podcast?

A. Yes.

Q. Your voice sounds old.

A. Thank you.

I got into podcasting because I wanted to help bring to others what philosophy has done for my well-being. Not a day goes by where I’m not thankful for what the listeners of the show have made possible for me.

I am an agnostic on every issue of substance I can think of. It’s the only honest way of living I’ve come across so far.

[steve AT stephenwestshow DOT com].