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Episode 30 – God Exists



On this episode of the podcast we conclude our three-part installment on Rene Descartes. First we discuss what the concept of God meant to Descartes. Then we discuss why the concept of God was crucial for his system to be received well. Finally we imagine how it would feel to be lambasted by the most annoying/brilliant Jehovah’s Witness in the history of the world. All this and more on this episode of Philosophize This!

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See the full transcript of this episode here.


If you were interested in Descartes and how odd he would have been going door to door convincing people of God’s existence, consider checking out one of my favorite books that talks all about how to communicate with others so that you can truly connect with them rather than just arguing. It is called How To Win Friends and Influence People and if you are interested, I wrote a review of it.


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How To Win Friends and Influence People Review and Links.

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