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How To Win Friends and Influence People





Dale Carnegie first wrote this book in 1936. The fact that it still endures as a best seller is more powerful of an endorsement than I could ever give. The way we communicate, listen and relate to other people is a template. When did we sit down and design this template? I’ve always wanted to enrich the lives of others around me as much as possible. It bothered me that my method of communicating things that were supposed to make people happy could fail simply because I am communicating with techniques I’ve randomly picked up along the way. If you just read the title you might think this book is for losers that can’t get friends or sociopaths. This is almost the complete opposite. The book talks a lot about fostering a genuine interest in others and avoiding the divisive methods of conversation based on our own insecurities. If you can admit that you are not a perfect communicator, this book is worth its weight in gold.


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