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Episode #038 … Leibniz pt. 2 – The Best of All Possible Worlds

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On this episode of the podcast, we continue our discussion of Gottfried Leibniz. First, we delve more into the feud between Leibniz and Isaac Newton, which we briefly mentioned last week. Next, we ask ourselves why God sometimes allows Steve Buschemi to murder innocent hitchhikers and why this question is so crucial to Leibniz. Finally, we return to the issue of free will vs. determinism and wonder whether we’re ever actually free to decide what kind of cheese to buy. All this and more on the latest episode of Philosophize This!


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See the full transcript of this episode here.


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Additional Stuff For Anyone Interested:

Link to a free copy of Leibniz’s Theodicy:¬†

Blog post exploring Leibniz archive in Germany:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Leibniz and the problem of evil:

Nicely written, concise biography of Leibniz:

Something dear to me…well done outline of several types of fallacies in arguments. (With REAL examples!):

Great Reddit Discussion on the free will of Leibniz. Slippery subject for a lot of readers. This offers some clarity:

Nice table showing the types of Monads and their basic functions
Nice table showing the types of Monads and their basic functions


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